Welcome to stearns & hills

Stearns & Hill’s Bistro opened its doors on July 6, 1999. Originally named after it’s proprietors who then ran an apothecary with The building’s history is beautifully identified in the original nineteenth century, original, stained glass on the buildings facade. Stearns & Hill’s Bistro has a wonderful neighborhood feel in historical downtown Melrose. The restaurant features a grand old bar made of hardwood, intimate seating and a tin ceiling, reminiscent of what a neighborhood restaurant has always represented.

Melrose’ Bistro

The menu has remained primarily the same, though subtle changes are continuously being made to better serve the clientele. “An everyday steak house” featuring the freshest seafood is how we like to describe Stearns & Hill’s. Our menu has been designed to welcome all types of diners, from families looking for a good value to couples looking for a quiet evening.